Did you ever try traditional Bosnian food in an ascinica? If you din not eat anything except Burek and Cevapi, our advice is that: go to an ascinica and drink "Begova Corba", then eat "Sogan Dolma". You will like them. Here you are their recipes:





6 numbers of big onions

300 gram ground meat                             

A bunch of parsley

A teaspoon of salt

A teaspoon of black pepper

One spoon of tomato paste

One cup of oil



Boil onion in a pot until they become smooth after paling its peel. Roast the ground meat, then put salt, black pepper and onion that is cut in a lean way. After boiled onion is cold, cut its tips and put out inside and leave only a couple of onion cover. Put all ingredients into onion and place them to an oily pot. After frying tomato paste with oil and a little water, put it on onion dolma. Cook it nearly 20-25 minutes at low heat.








3 numbers of chicken breast

3 numbers of big kippepoot

One big carrot

2 numbers of middle potatoes

A whole glass of dried of gombo
in middle size

A piece of laurey

One spoon of flour

2 table spoon of butter


For it's on:

Parsley that cut in a lean way



Firstly, chicken is washed and if there is, a bunch of parsley root and laurey leaves are boiled (Then these parsley root and laurey leaves are put out. After chicken is filtered, it is selected from its bones and cut in a lean way carrots and potatoes are cut in a square seize. In another pot, butter is melted, flour is added and mixture is roasted for 3-4 minutes. On the mixture, 5-6 glasses of water is put in and waited until they boil.

Meat that picked into pieces, vegetables cut in a square seize, gumbo, boiled in lemony water nearly 15-20 minutes are put in soup and cooked until the vegetables become smooth.

Finally, whipped egg, flour, lemon juice, salt and black pepper are added into the mixing cream and all of them are mixed. This liaison is mixed continuously and put into the soup little by little. By going on mixing, and cooking 7-8 minutes more, it is taken from the cooker. It is served by decorating it's on with parsley.



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